Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Before pictures of condo kitchen & bath project

We just completed a project that was to be a simple replacements of cabinets and counters.
looking at this kitchen you would think nothing is wrong.
If you look closely at the entire kitchen you will be amaze what people can do to save a buck. The under cabinet lights they did not fit under the cabinets, they were mounted poorly. The oven/microwave combo cabinet had so much dead space

The cabinets looked like they are in great shape but they were not. The angle walls are always tough when installing cabinetry. they decided to install tiny cabinets around the range and cover the rest of the angles with spacers. and the installation was so poorly done that a lot of the doors could not open properly.

and the counter tops look brand new. The cabinet left of the sink is another sink cabinet with a dummy drawer, and the pantry next to it was hacked in the back and inside to make it fit around the angle walls
They used two large vanities with 1 small bank of drawers with two oversize fillers to make up for the unused space. The Old tub was cover with cheep marble tile and they cover the storage above tub.

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